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About Freeman Recovery Project

Learn more about our project to help our communities and how you can help those who struggle with addiction and mental health today.

A group therapy session through Freeman Recovery Project.

Who We Are

Our founder, Shawn Baker, began helping those struggling with addiction on an air mattress in his mother’s basement. Since then, we’ve grown in our capacity to serve people in the Nashville, Tennessee area. However, to fulfill our mission to help as many people as possible, we need help from those within our communities.

Freeman Recovery Project is here to help coordinate resources and donations to those who struggle with addiction and mental health disorders. Learn how you can support our mission today.

Our Mission

Freeman Recovery Project is a non-profit organization that is here to help individuals diagnosed with substance use and mental health disorders access the resources needed to obtain long-lasting sobriety and regain control of their lives.

Alumni program through Freeman Recovery.

Our Vision

We strive to help people in our communities recover from substance use and mental health disorders. Our vision is to create ease of access to valuable resources for those in need of recovery and their loved ones.

Freeman Recovery Project



We strive to earn the trust of our clients and the communities we serve through person-centered, individualized care delivered by a service-driven and passionate staff. Our highest goal is to act with honesty and transparency in every aspect of our business.


Our staff members hold advanced certifications and licenses in a variety of disciplines, and we foster a culture of lifelong learning. We create unique opportunities for training, staff development, evolving care, and the development of advanced knowledge and expertise.


We treat each individual with dignity and worth. We strive to break down barriers to mental health care by meeting people where they are, fostering a culture of acceptance, and destigmatizing addiction and mental health treatment in the community.


We pride ourselves on maintaining nationally recognized accreditation from the strongest gatekeepers in our industry. Our policies and procedures foster organizational health, advanced practices in healthcare, and a zero-harm mentality. We gauge our effectiveness by the success of our patients and staff.

About Freeman Recovery Project

Learn How You Can Help Us Today

It’s no secret that drug and alcohol addiction negatively impacts individuals and families within our communities. As the rates of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders increase, new programs need to rise up and meet the challenges of these issues. Freeman Recovery Project aims to meet these challenges. But we need your help.

Contact us today to learn how you can help your community.

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